Rochester Airport Factfile and References.

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Reference Source

Land acquisition: 1933 Part Compulsorily purchased from Mr F. Auger and part from Medway Bridge Wardens trust. 27th October 1933 Council minutes held in Strood Archives and purchase contracts.
Size of site 56Hectares - 156Acres    O.S Map of Site
Number of resident aircraft: 100  60 Hangered - 40 grass parking December 2001 RA Plc report
Movements per annum - 24000 +  Includes overflights RA Plc movements Log 
Land covenants and:

11th Nov 1930 tenancy,

6th March 1935 Conveyance,

23rd Dec 1938 Conveyance

In Land registry charges there are two covenants relating to the use of this land as an aerodrome for all time. It is also stated in Council's own minutes from 1932 that the land shall remain as an aerodrome for all time Tunbridge Wells land Registry and Strood Archives. Copy of lease extract 6th March 1935 - Mayor Alderman and citizens of the city of Rochester (9 1/4 Acres), J.Luck has copy of leases
PPG13 and GA PPG13 calls for protection of Airport sites and access routes and that development at, or near an airport must be avoided PPG 13 New issue 27th March 2001 strengthens guidance for retention of GA airports.
Inquiry results due date May - June 2002 Inspectors Comments at end of hearing.
% Of people voting for retention in Atkins survey 92% Para 13.18 Atkins report Options A+B+C
Number of leaflets : 30,000 Sent to ME1 and ME5 and also with Atkins public exhibition in 7 key public sites around Medway Atkins Section 13 -6 & 13-7
% People voting in MORI poll for retention 59% Atkins para Table 13.6 A+B+C
% People voting in MORI poll for no flying continuation 23% Atkins para Table 13.6 D+E
Number of labour councillors voting for closure ALL ! Council minutes
MP's supporting Rochester Airport Only Tory support for retention of airport - no support whatsoever from Marshall Andrews current MP for Medway, Election leaflets and interviews.
Number of liberal councillors voting for closure ALL except one abstention. Council minutes
Number of employees at BAe systems 2300 Council Inquiry Evidence
RA Plc Start of lease 14th January 1999 Lease Documents
Length of Lease 4 years Lease Documents
Special Terms No protection under 1954 Landlords and Tenants Act Lease Documents
Number of Councillors  83  (too many some would say !)
 What happens next If Inspector decides to recommend acceptance of policy S11, vociferous political campaign to support those councillors standing in next local elections who support retention, with a view to pass a resolution in council to overturn policy S11