To all Pilots and Friends of Rochester Airport. The Airport committee was formed shortly after Rochester Airport Plc was granted a 4 year lease of the airport on  13th January 1999. We wanted to co-ordinate flying and social activities and encourage the local community to make use of the airfield, which had not been widely accessible to them in the past. A new Club was formed "PAFRA".

 The first few years were very busy ones with many events, all very successful due to the willing help and positive responses from so many of you.
 Thanks to everyone.

Our first initiatives were to:

One of the most difficult issues was the the provision and siting of a new clubhouse and computer briefing facility. Many possibilities were considered during the first few years including moving a hut to the car park, building a steel stansion to elevate a hut above the car-park, renovating the rifle range on the Eastern side of the airport and the purchase of a Portakabin. All of the suggestions were costed and were found to be quite expensive or undesireable. Since our long-term future at the airport is unknown, it was decided that PAFRA members would expand and renovate the existing old run down dilapidated offices which is now the Café kitchen and the Clubhouse building. Perhaps in the forthcoming years we may establish an alternative.

This coming year, will be another busy time with a variety of Flying activities from talks to fly-ins, quizes and social events + redevelopment work.

Many thanks again for all your support and let us hope that 2016 brings good news for the long-term improvements of our communities airport. The committee wish you all a safe and enjoyable year.

 We hope that you will join PAFRA and support the Airport as a Member (£20 P.A). Below is a link to an application form. Please complete and either hand in at the Airport or send it to the Treasurer


Download PAFRA MEMBERSHIP Application form.